Peter McCulloch is a Brooklyn-based composer. His work frequently features human-computer interactivity and computer-assisted composition, and he is active in the research and development of software tools for creating music, and his works have been featured throughout the United States and Europe.

He recently completed his PhD in Music Composition from New York University, where he studied with Robert Rowe, Jason Eckhardt, and Dinu Ghezzo. His dissertation research focused on analyzing compositional process from a quantitative standpoint.

He holds a Masters of Music Composition degree from the University of North Texas, where he studied with Joseph Rovan and Joseph Klein, and worked as a teaching assistant at the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia. During his time there he developed expertise in interactivity and computer-controlled sound spatialization, and he also managed productions in the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater’s 16.2 channel surround sound system.

Peter received his Bachelor of Music Composition degree from The Florida State University, where he studied composition with Joseph Rovan and Peeter Tammearu, and piano with Leonard Mastrogiacomo. He was a 1997 National Merit Finalist, and a finalist in the 2002-2003 United Kingdom Fulbright Fellowship competition.